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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Ever since we featured Stuart Cofer's amazing Econoline Pup on Vinvanco, I've been wanting to do a T-shirt design inspired by it.  But you can't just steal another man's Pup and put it on your shirt. So we reached out to out talented friend Zombie and asked him to whip his mojo into a design.
When we got the art from him, we were blown away and did a color study that included a lavender version inspired by Lee Pratt's Nomad. But you as much as I liked it, I just wasn't 100% sold that it was the perfect color. 

After spending a little more time with it, I wondered if a gold color might be worth exploring. 
So I asked Eric, my art director who works for Villa Prints to have a go at it. 
 I thought this shade was perfect and hope you agree.  So there you have it, the first Econoline Pup shirt from VinVanCo is now in store for you in very limited quantities. 
There's gold in them there shirts!

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