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Sunday, April 22, 2012


After much planning, hand-ringing, back and forth with artists and estimates from printers, we have finally officially launched, a.k.a. Vintage Van Company (HERE'S A LINK TO OUR PRODUCT PAGE: The beginnings may seem humble: a few bumper stickers, here, a couple of t-shirts there, but the hard part is done. We have original artwork from the amazing Tuck (, and other artists are officially engaged in adding to the mix. New items will begin dropping with regularity
and you'll be seeing a lot of love for the first-gens. Our first exclusive bumper stickers are here and right in back of them will be a series of bumper stickers patterned after our original stickers ( We'll have a first-gen DODGE sticker, a first-gen CHEVY sticker, a first-gen FORD Econoline sticker, and a multi-make sticker. I've written some fresh lines, borrowed some existing chestnuts and put a lil' spin on a few of the well-worn cliches. Each one of the vans in our series will be customized, using 70's period wheels and parts. NO BILLET here, folks. If you go to our VINVANCO Facebook page and like us, you'll see the new products before the rest of the world does, which is probably a good thing, given the fact that supplies will be limited. So thanks everyone for your considerable patience and fasten your seat belts for a run of fun first stickers, koozies, tees and whatever else we figure out along the way.

A portion of the proceeds generated by VinVanco will go to the mechanical restoration of "Poochie". Its orginal paint will remain intact, while its ride height and interior will receive thorough "VINVANCO-ization".