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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


While in Southern California, Debbie and I had occasion to stop by for a quick visit with Coby Gewertz, owner of Van Go.

Little did we know what a treat we were in for.

Coby's pad/art studio is like a visiting the world's coolest lowbrow gallery. Everywhere I turned there was eye candy from the coolest hot rod artists of this, and past generations. We're talking original works from Roth, Jeffries, Ed Newton, Winfield, Barris.

Out of courtesy, I resisted the temptation to snap pics like a manic tourist. In retrospect, I wish I'd at least taken one snap.  But I didn't. So I'll just say this. I always knew Coby was a killer graphic designer, but I never realized until yesterday morning was what a prolific collector of hot rod art the dude is.

Now for the good news. While I might not have had the good sense to take pics, my reason for the visit was to pick up a bunch of cool van art for the Vinvanco site designed by Coby for his Church, Cars Not Culture brand.

You've probably seen Church's "Van Go" artwork, where the type is stacked within a 3/4 illustration of his his van.

Well we now carry that artwork in stickers, as well as one other design. But here's the bigger news. We now have the final 18 fine art prints that Coby made of his Van Go, when he introduced it six years ago. A limited run of 63, in honor of his van's year, we've got the last 16 prints and they'll soon be in the Vinvanco store.  We intend to load them onto our site shortly after returning home.

So if you've always loved Van Go, here's your chance to park an art print in your man cave. Or, if you're anything like Coby, anywhere you feel like putting it. And if you just want to grab a couple Van Go stickers, you know where to go.

Stay tuned for more Van merch from Church, including a exclusive Vinvanco "Van Go" T-shirt which is currently in the planning stages.

Happy holidays, vanners.