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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Okay, I got a wild hair up my ass to do a new piece of art for a Vinvanco sticker.

So I starting reflecting on the most recent vans I've been seeing and dreaming about. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe it was time to do a mash-up.

I decided to combine of my favorite references and build them all into a Vinvanco sticker.

I started by thinking front to back, which quickly lead me to the front end of Steve Luckett's Econoline "the Creeper".  For subscribers, I did a "Twelve Questions" segment on The Creeper" a few months ago.

Steve's handiwork: Custom grill, recessed headlights, frenched antenna. Badass. 

Then I started thinking about the LWB slammed Super Van I'd posted pictures of on the Vinvanco FB page several times over the last couple years. Even though I've never loved the rear wheel well placement of the LWB Econoline, the ride height of this photoshopped Econoline just looked so right to me. To say nothing of the perfectly proportioned, slammed vintage travel trailer it's hooked to. With this beauty as my second reference point, I then reflected on the build plan for "Pandora", which subscriber may recall from past entries of this blog. To refresh collective memories, I have a color combo and a Polynesian interior motif in mind. 

The color treatment and motif I've been toying with for "Pandora" was my third reference point. A warm olive green and eggplant, as seen in paint chips below, liberated from my local Lowe's. What can I say? I'm a paint chip thief. The original olive color inspiration came from a VW Squareback I found shots of on the web, also seen below.

So I wrote up a design brief in which I shotgun-married "The Creeper's" front end, the slammed LWB Econoline Falcon van and trailer, and the paint colors I've got on the docket for "Pandora". Would it turn into vanning equivalent to mystery meatloaf?

I sent the brief to our talented Dutch friend, Ger Peters, who has illustrated several of our Vinvanco stickers for us, as well as our t-shirts and stickers. He had questions. I provided answers. I was began to think I was wasting his time and mine.

Then it happened. Ger sent the sketch. Wow. We were blown away. Yet again. We changed nothing. Ger did what Ger always seems to do. He took all the loose thinking and pulled it together into something that looked even better than we imagined it would. In fact, we dig the art so much that we not only ordered stickers, but had flexible fridge magnets made, too.

Yeah, we're pretty damn stoked about our new design. The response has been super so far. Of course, we're practically giving them away for the first week. Will we do shirts? In the words of the Magic Eight-Ball "the prospect looks good". But first, we got some new stickers and magnets to sell.

We also just added our second run of Zombie Econoline shirts to the store. In addition, Zombie is presently working on two more designs to extend the Zombie/Vinvanco line to include a first-gen, flat-nose Chevy van and an Econoline Pup. I've also promised I'd cut him loose on some seventies vans, which he likes drawing even more than first gens. Breathe baited.

You can see Zombie's Econoline and A100 Vinvanco stickers in the store.

That's it for now. If you dig the new design, feel free to order some for yourself. The sooner these start moving, the sooner we'll add more designs to the mix.

Over and out.