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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Donn Dabney is a Sonoma, California resident who has embarked on an journey to restore a 1961 Ford Econoline the right way. Not the cheap way. He is taking the time that's needed to build a truly extraordinary example of a 1961 Ford Econoline panel van in the guise of a West coast surfer style van. Very few people short of Coby Gewertz (owner of VanGo) have gone so far to build a first-generation Ford Econoline. Prepare to be very impressed.

Note the surf-themed custom gauge bezel.

As you can see no stone was left unturned.

Note the modern headlight and the perfect bezels.

Even the doghouse is perfectly restored.

Classic Cragar SS rims make this Econoline look like a period-perfect throwback.

Perfect chrome.

The humble beginnings of a nice clean interior with insulation. 

What West Coast beach lover wouldn't love to pilot this puppy?

The seats have been treated to leather upholstery.