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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I came across some interior shots of a pink Falcon van I'd seen before on the 'net. Now admittedly, it is not the first color that I'd choose to paint an early. But I'd be lying if said I didn't appreciate it. The more I see it, in fact, the more I'm drawn to it. But what really impressed me when I saw the interior pictures, was the continuity of the theme, in terms of carrying it from the exterior into the interior. I'd have to give the person who did this interior a big fat freakin' A+. It's one thing to make an interior wacky, another thing altogether to go purely functional. But once in a great while, you see someone who does a great custom interior that is a useful as it is creative. That pretty much describes how I feel about this one. Note the front center console and the rear speaker shelf in back. I'll bet this one has a killer sound system. The rims are also great, neither retro nor ultra modern, but rather an interesting balance of each. Kudos to all involved on a very well-done early. Pink. Pretty. Cool.