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Sunday, April 24, 2011


This idea has been brewing in my brain for years, and it's finally come time to pour it out.

Vintage vans are cool. They were cool when I was in high school and owned a mustard-yellow, short wheel base panel van, with a straight six. And they're just as cool now.

Maybe even cooler, frankly. After all, they're no longer so readily available. The price of admission is higher. It seems they had to fall almost completely off the radar, before any of us started feeling nostalgic about them, and reflecting back on just how damn cool they really are.

Given that most vans of the 60's began their lives as pack mules for phone companies, appliance repair services or hauling away dirty diapers before anyone had a concept of disposables, is it any wonder so few are still running around today?

But fortunately, they are still out there. And while those who love them are indeed a smaller pack than the seventies van movement, our passion is even stronger. We were the ones who crossed state lines in these beauties, collecting memories and experiences we'd never forget. Those who were carted to concerts, beaches and national parks in these trusty steads. A few of us probably had the privilege of sleeping off a buzz in the back of a vintage van.
Vintage vans have rightfully earned a place in our hearts. It's that very observation that led us create Vintage Van Company, or VinVanCo. VinVanCo wants to rekindle the passion for vintage vans, and re-establish the vintage van to its rightful place. In our hearts and minds. And for the die hard among us, back on the roads.

Where all those fond feelings got their start in the first place.

Like many fires, Vinvanco will start small. With cool stickers and high-quality tees, created by some of the best artists in the world. Perhaps some fine art prints will follow, as well as patches, beer koozies and the like. But if the idea catches on, it's our intent to evolve into a source for the period correct accessories that today's vintage van lovers need in order to customize their early vans just as they could have been back in the heyday of the original van movement.

So welcome. Vinvanco is as much yours, as it is ours. We invite you to look around, dive as deep as your passion takes you, and feel free to use our helpful links page to find other sources that'll help you fuel your love for vintage vans.
If you're an artist with an interest in helping us grow the vintage van movement, drop us a line and send samples. If you're a manufacturer, and looking to help us fill the void, by all means, give us a buzz. And if you're simply a person who would like share your love of vans through an American made t-shirt, fasten your seat belt.

It's going to be a fun ride.

Cameron & Debbie Day