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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Carroll Shelby would be proud. Every now and then it happens. A van owner sends me something that really lights my fire. In the case of this Econoline van, it's a wheel package that while totally appropriate, you almost never see. These wheels are factory styled steel Mustang wheels that were offered beginning in '65 as an option. In the case of this particular van, the fronts are 14X7 with 4" of backspacing and the rears are 15X8, with 4.5" of backspacing. Now here's what really makes this interesting. These 14" front wheels clear a set of D&D disc brakes. Which happens to be the exact set-up I have for Pandora. The other things that makes this particular van interesting is that it has a great stance. As much as its current owner. Don A Overly would like take credit, the van came to him with this wheel package and stance. But what he plans to do with it is equally interesting. Don A is planning to build a Carroll Shelby Tribute van. In this case a picture is worth a thousand words. To date, the van has had a kick-up installed in the rear and has had a roller cammed 302 Police Interceptor engine installed.

The entire front suspension is being gone through at the moment and Don is going to run one of Tim Brogan's axle flip kits. Nice work, Don. Keep us posted.

Thanks for Sharing her with Vinvanco, Don. Keep up the good work. Keep the shots coming. #Vinvancoapproved.

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